With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.

Bessie A. Stanley

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

Dressing up is inevitably a substitute for good ideas. It is no coincidence that technically inept business types are known as "suits."

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.

Advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into, the mind.

One of the best rules in conversation is, never to say a thing which any of the company can reasonably wish had been left unsaid.

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

Doris Lessing

The great secret that all old people share is that you really haven't changed in 70 or 80 years. Your body changes, but you don't change at all.


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