Money conflicts before marriage

Money conflicts before marriage
Dealing with finances after divorce
34 & 32
Sales Director & Communications Manager
Household income


Christopher and Laura grew up with different approaches to finances and find it uncomfortable to talk about money. They want to buy a house in the next two years but can’t agree on what they can afford. Their arguments about budgeting and unplanned purchases feel trivial, but they want to get on the same page before these disagreements become larger.


Before creating a financial plan for Christopher and Laura, their team at Advisor facilitated independent and joint goal setting sessions with each soon to be spouse and worked to understand their individual perceptions of money. While Christopher was growing up he saw his parents struggle financially and is adamant he never wants his children to feel the same. Laura is a first generation professional who has fought tirelessly to get to where she is today, and she wants to reap the benefits and status of that hard work. Keeping these motivations in mind, their team at Advisor worked with the two to create a budget for their wedding, savings goal for their first home, and a long term financial plan that balances living in the moment and preparing for the unexpected.

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Dealing with finances after divorce


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