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The Power of a Plan

We’ve all heard that failing to plan is planning to fail, but is there really any data to back that up? According to a Vanguard whitepaper “Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Advisor's Alpha”, a financial advisor’s guidance can be measured as a 3%+ increase in net returns for clients when implemented correctly. Over the course of 30 years, this could be a $1,300,000+ increase in net worth when comparing a 5% rate of return to an 8% rate of return for a starting $50,000 portfolio.

Net Worth Over 30 Years 1

With Advisor
Without Advisor

1 Y

30 Y

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What Can Financial Advisors Help With?

Insurance coverage
Business ownership
Equity compensation
Tax strategy
Education planning
Estate planning

7 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Financial Advisors

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Stephen Kates, CFP®
Updated August 2023
Are you a fiduciary?
How do you get paid?
What are my all-in costs?
What are your qualifications?
How often will I meet with my advisor? What will we do in these meetings?
What is your investment philosophy?
What other services do you provide? And not provide?

What Value do Financial Advisors Provide?

Behavioral Coaching

Personalized guidance and strategies to empower you to make positive and sustainable changes to your habits.

Asset Location

Diversification of investments in taxable and tax-advantaged accounts to minimize overall tax liability and maximize after-tax returns.

Asset Allocation

Strategic distribution of investments across various asset classes to optimize returns while managing risk.

Reducing Fees

Efficient fee management employs strategies to minimize costs associated with investments, enhancing overall returns for investors.


Periodically adjusting your investment portfolio to maintain the desired asset allocation, ensuring it stays aligned with your financial goals.

Spending Strategies

Tailored approaches to budgeting and expense management, enabling you to achieve your goals.

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